Israeli study: Ultrasound combined with nanobubble technology can eliminate tumors

    Israeli researchers recently published a paper in the international academic journal "Nanoscale", saying that by combining low-frequency ultrasound and nanobubble technology, tumors in experimental mice can be eliminated, and this method is expected to treat human cancer in the future.

    Researchers from institutions such as Tel Aviv University in Israel reported that they injected nanobubbles into the blood of experimental mice with breast cancer. The nanobubbles would gather in the cancer tumor area, and then use low-frequency ultrasound to detonate the bubbles to destroy the tumor tissue. This method can focus on tumor tissue with high precision and avoid destroying healthy tissue in the experiment.

    The researchers said that the common method of treating cancer today is surgical removal of tumors, combined with chemotherapy and other means. In contrast, the approach they report has the advantage of being non-invasive and will be further explored in the future for the treatment of human cancers.


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