23 dives! "Jiaolong" dives into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, setting a new record of nine dives in nine days

    The Chinese manned submersible "Jiaolong", which carried out diving operations in the Atlantic for the first time, has completed 23 dives in the South Atlantic and set a new record of nine dives in nine days.

    The 83rd voyage "Jiaolong" was deployed. Photo courtesy of China Ocean Affairs Administration

    The reporter learned from the China Ocean Affairs Administration on the 27th that the first leg of the China Ocean 83 voyage carried out by the "Shenhai No. 1" ship focused on the hydrothermal area of the South Atlantic Ridge. As of February 23, the "Jiaolong" had successfully completed 23 dives in the South Atlantic, setting a new record of nine dives in nine days. At present, the technology of "Jiaolong" is in good condition. It has carried out detailed surveys and efficient operations in many hydrothermal areas with complex environments, such as Tongguan and Xunmei, and has acquired about 300 geological and biological samples and about 300 environmental and video data. 4TB.

    China's Dayang 83 voyage is the first time that a Chinese manned submersible has carried out submersible operations in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the first time that the "Jiaolong" and its supporting mother ship "Shenhai No. 1" have carried out deep-sea investigation and research in the Atlantic Ocean. This section of the voyage was the first to carry out detailed manned deep diving surveys in multiple hydrothermal areas such as Tongguan and Xunmei in the South Atlantic. Typical biological groups in hydrothermal areas such as blind shrimps and mussels were obtained, which preliminarily confirmed the hydrothermal organisms in the South Atlantic. The community is highly similar to the North Atlantic and extends the southern boundary of the Atlantic hydrothermal biota 1,300 km southward (from 15°S to 27°S).

    During this leg of the voyage, a survey of the South Atlantic seamount ecosystem was carried out, and a number of areas with high biodiversity values such as coral forests and sponge lands were initially discovered, providing scientific support for the identification of South Atlantic biodiversity hotspots. The results obtained in this section have filled the gap in the South Atlantic biodiversity survey and enriched the understanding of global deep-sea biodiversity. They will effectively support the research on the formation mechanism of global deep-sea biogeographic distribution patterns and help humans better understand the deep sea, protect the deep sea, Take advantage of the deep sea.

    China Ocean 83 voyage set sail from Qingdao on December 17 last year. During the Spring Festival, 60 scientific expedition members accompanied the "Deep Sea No. 1" ship in the South Atlantic Ocean thousands of miles away, accompanied by the country's most important manned submersible "Jiaolong" , had a special holiday.


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