The "Top Ten Progress in Chinese Science" in 2023 was released, distributed in fields such as artificial intelligence

    This morning (February 29), the National Natural Science Foundation of China released the "Top Ten Scientific Progress in China" for 2023, mainly in the fields of life sciences and medicine, artificial intelligence, quantum, astronomy, chemical energy and other scientific fields. They are:

    Artificial intelligence large model brings new breakthroughs in accurate weather forecasting

    Uncovering the mechanism by which dark matter drives aging in the human genome

    Discover the existence of the brain’s “tangible” biological clock and its rhythm regulation mechanism

    Analysis and application of salt-alkali tolerance mechanism of crops

    New method enables precise manipulation of DNA from single bases to very large fragments

    Uncovering new mechanism of DNA replication initiation in human cells

    "Raso" discovered the extremely narrow jet and 10 trillion electron volt photons of the brightest gamma ray burst in history

    Bose coding error correction extends qubit life

    Revealing the mechanism of photoreception regulating blood sugar metabolism

    Discovered a new mechanism of charge storage and aggregation reaction at the interface of lithium-sulfur batteries

    The "Top Ten Progress in Science in China" selection event has been successfully held for 19 times since its launch in 2005. This event is hosted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and consists of more than 2,100 high-level experts in the field of basic research, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Voting, after four steps of recommendation, preliminary selection, final selection, and review, 10 major scientific research results were finally selected from more than 600 scientific research results. After review by the National Natural Science Foundation of China Advisory Committee, the candidates for 2023 were finally selected. List of achievements of "Top Ten Progresses in Chinese Science".


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