The first "Metaverse" red carpet! Shanghai Science and Technology Festival: Opening on the 18th, 2,000 events benefit the people

    On the afternoon of May 14, The Paper learned from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission that the 2024 Shanghai Science Festival will open on May 18 and last for two weeks, with a closing ceremony on May 31.

    Within two weeks, it is expected that 2,000 special activities will be held in six major sections, which will fully reflect the purpose of popularizing science for the people and benefiting the people.

    The theme of the 2024 Shanghai Science and Technology Festival is "Technology makes life better".

    The scene of the press conference of the Shanghai Science and Technology Festival 2024. The 2024 Shanghai Science and Technology Festival will open on May 18 and last for two weeks, with 2,000 events expected to be held.

    A relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission stated that the theme activities of the 2024 Shanghai Science and Technology Festival will focus on the construction of an international science and innovation center, promoting the spirit of scientists , popularizing science for the people, popularizing science for the benefit of the people , and strengthening scientific education for young people. There will be a total of 6 major special activities, including the opening section, conference section, open activities section, competition section, media science popularization section, and closing section.

    During the opening session, the Shanghai Science and Technology Festival will also stage a red carpet show, and for the first time, set up a "metaverse" red carpet . By organically switching with the traditional physical red carpet, the audience will be able to enter the metaverse scientific world exclusive to each scientist.

    According to reports, 14 groups of scientific and technological figures will walk on the red carpet, including academicians of the two academies, young scientists, scientific craftsmen, scientific communication experts and scientific educators.

    What are Shanghai's technological talents and technological "fans"? Let's take a look at these three roads!

    At the launch ceremony, a speech show jointly performed by citizens and science and technology workers will present Shanghai’s three Tech-Walk routes with their own real stories - the route of science and technology cultural heritage , the route of urban scientific research and the route of enjoying technology.

    It is reported that during the Science and Technology Festival, there are nearly 270 science popularization bases in Shanghai that carry out special science popularization activities for the Science and Technology Festival. Among them, 47 science popularization bases offer special discounts to the general public. For example, Changfeng Ocean World, Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Madame Tussauds, etc. all offer half-price discounts .


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