The Humanoid Robotics Research Institute of USTC was unveiled

    On the morning of June 18, the Frontier Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Humanoid Robots was held at the Hi-Tech Park of USTC. Reporters learned on the spot that USTC's School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and USTC's Institute of Humanoid Robots were unveiled one after another. Ding Han, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was hired as the director of the Science and Technology Committee of the Institute of Humanoid Robots, and the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Humanoid Robot Alliance was announced.

    Humanoid robots are robots that imitate human appearance and behavior. Their activity scenarios can cover all aspects of human activities, including industrial, laboratory, home, commercial and other scenarios, to achieve better human-machine collaboration. In recent years, humanoid robot technology has developed rapidly internationally. Humanoid robots are a typical representative of multidisciplinary integration, involving mechanics, artificial intelligence, mechanics, materials, instruments, control, computers, science and technology ethics and other disciplines.

    The humanoid robot Xiaofei was displayed at the event on June 18, 2024. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Chang

    It is reported that the Humanoid Robotics Research Institute of USTC will leverage the interdisciplinary advantages of USTC to strive for technological breakthroughs in material sensing, structural drive, motion control, and embodied intelligence. Based on technological innovation, the institute will actively promote the application of humanoid robots in service, medical, education and other fields, and will accelerate the industrialization of scientific research results through cooperation with enterprises.

    On June 18, 2024, the bionic dexterous hand displayed at the event was also an important component of the humanoid robot. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Chang

    In April this year, USTC integrated school resources to build the School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, which is a high-end talent training unit serving the frontier interdisciplinary theory and application research of artificial intelligence and data science. The school is committed to building world-class artificial intelligence and data science disciplines, and establishing a corresponding "scientific and educational collaboration" undergraduate and graduate talent training system, which will carry out talent training and scientific research around scientific intelligence, industrial intelligence and embodied intelligence.


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