Growing towards the sun! Shanghai Electric Youth: Dedicated, loving their jobs, ensuring supply, and working hard for the city's high-quality development

    Shanghai Caojing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. awarded prizes to advanced individuals in the commando team.

    The development of young people is the key to the improvement, strengthening, expansion and high-quality development of enterprises.

    Shanghai is the city that lit up the first electric light in China. Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shanghai Electric") is one of the most important listed companies of the Fortune 500 State Power Investment Corporation and an important international development platform. The Shanghai Caojing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Caojing Thermal Power"), a subsidiary of the company, is a comprehensive energy enterprise integrating power generation, thermal energy production, supply, repurchase and service. Its heating capacity and heating parameters are leading in the industry and are at the advanced level of similar equipment at home and abroad.

    In 2023, Caojing Thermal Power will generate 2.959 billion kWh of electricity and sell 7.0313 million GJ of heat. While achieving the goal of "zero unplanned shutdown" in 2023, it also completed the first planned full shutdown and maintenance of the heat network main pipe, natural gas system and chemical water system since the establishment of the plant, and restored the supply of products such as steam and desalted water 10 hours ahead of schedule.

    These achievements come from a group of young people who "have faith in their hearts, are strong in action and realize their dreams" - the Caojing Thermal Power Youth Supply Commando of the "Jingfeng Contribution Action" team.

    The "Elite Contribution Action" is a youth job contribution action carried out by the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology System around the "major issues of the country" and "the key issues of the city", focusing on major national strategic tasks and the key points of Shanghai's high-quality industrial development. Starting from 2023, it will guide and support young people in the industry to serve the overall situation and lead young people in the system to carry out around the central work.

    In a meeting room at the Caojing Thermal Power Plant, there is a banner with a thought-provoking sentence: If you don’t contribute and I don’t contribute, who will contribute? You ask for things and I ask for things, but who should we ask for them from?

    This is the "Xu Hu spirit" that they inherited and carried forward.

    Chen Xu, secretary of the Shanghai Electric Youth League Committee and deputy director of the Party and Mass Department (Trade Union Office), said: The Shanghai Electric Youth League work is aimed at the future. With brand platforms such as the "Chunshen Cup" and "Expert Forum" as carriers, it continues to carry out activities such as youth league discussions and youth job achievements, creating a good atmosphere of "using competitions to promote learning, learning from each other and catching up", improving the comprehensive quality of young people in multiple aspects and dimensions, cultivating a team of young people capable of solving problems, showing the style of outstanding young people, and escorting the energy supply.

    Shanghai Electric also focused on safe production, formed 9 "zero unplanned shutdown" youth assault teams for each unit, 18 collective youth safety posts, and 356 youth league members took on the responsibility of ensuring supply.

    Shanghai Electric Power's cumulative power generation in 2023 was 56.355 billion kWh, an increase of 21% year-on-year.

    The EMBA Hunutlu Project Operation and Efficiency Improvement Youth Commando of Shanghai Electric Turkey Company won the 2023 Shanghai Youth May Fourth Medal as a group; Pang Renzhong, deputy director of the Trading Department of the Power Sales Company, won the 2023 Shanghai Youth May Fourth Medal as an individual.

    Zeng Xianghui, captain of the youth assault team and the central control officer, is responsible for coordinating production personnel in various positions to adjust operating modes and dispatch energy supplies.

    Beware of "three highs"! Keep improving and ensure safe production

    Safety is a topic that can never be avoided in power production.

    "The most important things to pay attention to when working on site are the 'three highs', namely high pressure, high temperature and high speed." Zeng Xianghui, the 29-year-old leader of the youth commando team and the chief of the centralized control, and Yang Zhiyuan, a member of the maintenance team of the maintenance department, both said so.

    In addition to generating electricity, Caojing Thermal Power also supplies steam and desalted water to surrounding chemical plants. It has a "three vertical and three horizontal" pipeline system in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, with a heating pipeline network length of 76 kilometers.

    Zeng Xianghui said, "If a steam pipe ruptures and leaks, after reaching a certain pressure, no water mist-like spray wave will be formed. The cutting it produces is invisible."

    Yang Zhiyuan said, "When inspecting on-site, you should give full play to your senses, see with your eyes, hear with your ears, smell with your nose, and keep an eye on all directions. If there is a steam leak, there will be a slight buzzing and whistling sound, and you will know that there is a danger in this place and you can't get close to it. You must report it according to the plan and carry out subsequent treatment."

    In addition to high-pressure steam, there are many other working fluids in power plants that are also under high pressure.

    During an inspection in 2023, the hydraulic oil pump outlet of a steam turbine suddenly began to spray oil everywhere.

    "I was extremely nervous at the time. Where on earth was the bullet pierced?" said Jerry Yang.

    Fortunately, they discovered the problem immediately. Based on the injection position and the downward trend of the oil level, the young commandos determined that the breakdown point was the hydraulic oil pump outlet mirror. After isolation, the hydraulic oil was blocked from continuing to leak, curbing the expansion of the accident. Through timely disposal and timely refueling of the oil tank, the equipment was guaranteed to operate continuously, stably and safely.

    Zeng Xianghui said that the production staff of the power plant undertakes important tasks such as equipment operation dispatching, fault diagnosis, equipment troubleshooting, etc., and provides strong guarantee for the long-term stable operation of the power plant through patrol inspection, regular maintenance, grade inspection and technical transformation. This requires young people to focus on their duties, love their jobs, firmly establish a sense of ownership, take the initiative to offer suggestions, and contribute their wisdom and strength to the development of the enterprise.

    Caojing Thermal Power operates the largest centralized heating and water supply network in Shanghai. It uses clean energy natural gas as fuel, and the designed thermal efficiency of combined heat and power is 81%, which is far higher than coal-fired units and other gas-fired units. All indicators have reached the benchmark level. Since its establishment, the plant has won many honors in production safety, business management, energy conservation and environmental protection.

    Caojing Thermal Power closely follows the development direction of the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the group company and Shanghai Electric, focuses on the main business of cogeneration, and while strengthening its main business, vigorously develops comprehensive energy management services, breaks through product boundaries, assists enterprises in transformation and upgrading, and further consolidates Shanghai Electric's dominant position in the energy market of the chemical industry zone.

    The company currently has more than 30 high-quality customers and many potential customers, including world-renowned chemical companies such as BASF, Covestro, and Mitsui Chemicals. It has signed steam contracts for 650 tons/hour and desalted water contracts for 600 tons/hour.

    Prevent problems before they happen and build a solid bottom line. The commandos carried out special hidden danger inspections on key areas in the hot factory.

    Youth responsibility in the 84-hour battle to ensure supply

    "The sooner we complete the maintenance, the sooner we can start generating electricity and supplying steam."

    From May 21 to 24, 2023, Caojing Thermal Power carried out a planned full shutdown and maintenance of the heating network main pipe, natural gas system and chemical water system.

    "At that time, we were faced with the difficulty of a complete 84-hour shutdown of the heating network. The young people in the operation department spontaneously formed a heating network operation team and completed the task 10 hours ahead of schedule," said Yang Zhiyuan.

    During the maintenance period, the youth commando responded to the call and proposed an 84-hour charge plan. Taking the factory as their home, all 23 youth league members were on duty, working day and night for three days. Through methods such as "shifting without stopping work, cross-operation, and cooperation among multiple teams and multiple types of work", they fully completed a total of more than 200 maintenance projects and operation operations inside and outside the factory.

    Before this, due to the very long procurement cycle of imported parts, the young commandos compared the differences between "American Standard" parts and "National Standard" parts, and prepared enough spare parts in advance to save time for maintenance.

    During the peak summer period in 2023, in order to meet the regional load demand, the two units of Caojing Thermal Power Plant continued to maintain a stable and full power state. The young commando team members went deep into the site and carried out targeted inspections on key parts and defective equipment. A total of 78 defects and 135 hidden dangers were found and closed, and 5 advantages were reported to the company at all levels. During the period, the maximum adjustable output of the unit reached 612 megawatts (MW), and the daily cumulative power generation exceeded 14.23 million kWh, both of which set new historical records.

    In the peak summer season, team members are carrying out system service operations.

    Youth League work for the future: Let young people have faith, work hard and realize their dreams

    On May 4, 2024, the Party Leadership Group of State Power Investment Corporation wrote in a letter to young friends that if young people take responsibility, the nation will have hope. The majority of young people in the group company should develop a work style of "no mistakes in documents passed through my hands, please rest assured when I handle matters", and cultivate the backbone, iron shoulders and real skills of taking responsibility, take the lead, shoulder the responsibility and set an example in annual tasks such as power safety and supply, energy base construction, high-quality development of nuclear energy, development of emerging industries, construction of smart stations, safety, quality and environmental management, and special work to improve quality and efficiency, and sing the song of youth on the new journey in the main battlefield of the group company's reform and development, the front line of scientific and technological research, and the forefront of urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks.

    To help young people grow, Shanghai Electric Power launched youth discussions on topics such as "Be a Reliable Youth" and "Youth Take the Lead in Safe Production", as well as the " Write a Letter to Your Future Self " activity, guiding young league members to integrate their personal ideals into the development practice of the power industry.

    Chen Xu said that the activity of "Writing a Letter to Your Future Self" is very meaningful. When the young people reviewed their letters last year, they all picked up their pens and fell into deep thought, "What have I grown in? What are my dreams for the future? This is a dialogue with myself, and it is also an encouragement for myself."

    The flag of the Communist Youth League follows the direction of the Party. Focusing on international projects, new energy projects, and "dual carbon" and other core corporate tasks, Shanghai Electric Power launched the "Youth Pioneer" campaign and formed six youth commandos. The youth commandos for new country development in Europe and the Mediterranean region completed the signing of the acquisition agreements for the Serbian wind power and Greek photovoltaic projects, realizing the implementation of two new country projects.

    Shanghai Electric also continued to do a good job of "I do something for the youth", further strengthened the communication and interaction of grassroots units, vigorously created an atmosphere of unity, cooperation and hard work, and organized activities such as the "Shanghai Electric Youth Cup" basketball game and the "Fun and Fun" youth dating event. The Youth League organizations of grassroots units actively communicated with the streets where they were located to help young employees solve accommodation problems.


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