The most exciting youth! Shanghai Electric Power Construction Youth: A great country's heavy equipment is the key to success, and the craftsman spirit shines

    The young people in the core team of Lingang Xiangan Experimental Power Station are rooted in the front line of construction and treat every detail with the craftsmanship of excellence.

    The huge gas turbine lying quietly in the test plant is like a steel warrior crawling in the trench, ready to go, waiting for combat orders at any time, bursting out with a roar of charge!

    It is the "crown jewel" of the equipment manufacturing industry and one of the most high-end equipment in the energy and power field. It can be used in gas power generation, power grid peak regulation and distributed energy systems. It is efficient, clean and has an important strategic position.

    Installing and debugging this gas turbine is also a huge challenge.

    Behind this, the "Jingfeng Contribution Operation" team and the core team of the Lingang Reignition Test Power Station Youth Commando have made great efforts and contributed a lot of wisdom.

    The "Jingfeng Contribution Action" is the Shanghai economic and information system's strategy to focus on the "big players in the country" and "important players in the city", focusing on major national strategic tasks and the key points of Shanghai's high-quality industrial development. Starting from 2023, it will guide and support industrial youth to serve the overall situation. , leading the system's youth to carry out youth job-building actions around the central work.

    In 2024, Shanghai Electric Power Construction's "Jingfeng Contribution Action" team will focus on the key tasks of the Lingang re-ignition test unit to ensure subsequent construction work.

    Big countries use heavy weapons to tackle tough problems and break through “key” technologies

    This 300-megawatt F-class heavy-duty gas turbine is my country's first independently developed heavy-duty gas turbine with the highest power and highest technical level. It will become an important force in driving the development of high-end equipment manufacturing. The new technologies, new materials, and new processes used in it have a significant radiating effect on the development of my country's gas turbine basic disciplines and industrial technology, and are of great significance to ensuring my country's energy security and green development, promoting new industrialization, and accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power.

    The team members said that the mature gas turbine is well-founded. However, for R&D projects, verification is required during installation. Many of the problems encountered are new and unknown, and conventional experience may not be useful.

    "We recently encountered a problem. When the air piping was manufactured in the factory, there was no tooling to refer to. We could only measure and actually lay out the factory at the same time! For 6 months, we have been thinking of a way. Everyone works together. Together, especially the youth team, we finally completed the production and processing and performed pre-assembly verification,” said the captain.

    In 2024, Shanghai Electric Power Construction's "Jingfeng Contribution Action" team will focus on the key tasks of the Lingang re-ignition test unit to ensure subsequent construction work.

    The deputy captain of the "Operation Jingfeng Contribution" team and the youth commando team of the Lingang Reignition core team said that the previous purchase of foreign heavy-duty gas turbines was a core technology product, and as long as it involved core components related to the gas turbine, our installers were not allowed to participate.

    Although, from the outside, the Reignition looks like a pile of steel, it's incredibly sophisticated.

    During the installation and commissioning process of gas turbines, a lot of data needs to be collected for subsequent development and optimization of gas turbines.

    The deputy captain of the youth commando team said that the body of this gas turbine is covered with thousands of precision measurement points and is very expensive. The installation process requires the same care as caring for a newborn baby.

    These are not the most difficult.

    The story in "The Crosshair"

    The deputy captain said that a bigger technical problem is the adjustment of the center of the gas turbine generator shaft system: the adjustment and connection of the generator and the gas turbine rotor center, and the deviations between the two must be controlled within 2 wires. And 1 wire is equal to 0.01 mm, which is equal to 10 microns. Because the gas generator set is very heavy and the shaft system is very long, the smaller the center deviation of the two connected rotating shafts and the more accurate the alignment, the better the operation of the unit will be and the longer the service life will be. If the center is not good and exceeds the design allowable value, the unit may be damaged. High bearing temperature, vibration and even wear and other phenomena seriously threaten the safe and stable operation of the unit.

    "We mainly measure with precision measuring tools such as feeler gauges, micrometers, and image levels. The difficulty of this work lies in analyzing and adjusting the data after precise measurement by the instruments. On the one hand, it is the calculation of the values that need to be adjusted. On the other hand, during the adjustment process, we need to monitor the adjustment amount accurately through instruments,” said the deputy captain.

    The numerical value can be calculated and seen through the scale on the measuring tool, but the amount of adjustment must be controlled through experience and feel.

    "The slow and detailed work of finding centers and grinding holes are the core competitiveness of the team, and they are also the core competitiveness of the second company, including our Shanghai Electric Power Construction, in this industry sector," the captain said.

    In 2023, young people from the core team of the Lingang Reignition Test Power Station innovatively used water bags to conduct driving test hoisting, achieving cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and technical research.

    He said that although the standard requires that within 2 wires, everything can be accepted and passed, but if it is more precise and controlled to 1 wire, "this pursuit is our faith and our concrete faith." Through the guidance of masters and apprentices, , every young person has high hopes when he joins this team, hoping to pass on this spirit and this belief.

    The captain said, "I rely on this belief, and I will do this job well."

    "The gas turbine body weighing more than 300 tons will be in place the next day. I have already laid down, got up again, and ran to the site to confirm whether the parking position of the transport vehicle is consistent with the plan and whether the configuration of steel wire ropes and other equipment is Whether the weather will suddenly blow or rain, I am afraid that the actual working conditions will be different from the planned plan tomorrow, so we must be foolproof," he said.

    On February 28, 2024, China's first domestically produced re-ignition assembly rolled off the assembly line. Immediately afterwards, the commando team completed the installation of the equipment on March 9, 2024.

    The young people in the core team took root on site to discuss and optimize the construction plan based on the technical difficulties of the steam turbine body.

    Growth of young people: Jingfeng allows outstanding young people to be seen

    The growth of young people requires experience in difficult places.

    "But our position is closely integrated with the field, and if you don't understand the field, you won't be able to grow quickly." He said.

    Should you dress smartly and work in an office building, or should you inherit the "craftsman spirit" and go to a construction site with difficult conditions and get into a turbine to tighten screws?

    "If they are willing to do it, they will grow very fast." The captain said that many young people have overcome the psychological gap and learned technology in a down-to-earth manner, and later did well in technical management positions.

    During the stage when a major country is tackling critical problems with heavy equipment, many project backbones have taken root as production technicians. In March 2023, we received a notice from the owner of the refueling company that the steam turbine medium and low-pressure cylinders and generator stators would arrive in advance on April 9, 2023. The formal drawings and foundation construction pads have not yet arrived at the site due to some factors. In order to ensure the safety and timely placement of equipment, the technical team reasonably optimized the construction plan and boldly proposed the use of pad-less construction. They held multiple meetings with owners, supervisors and other units to communicate the specific implementation plan, drew a network diagram of the construction progress, and detailed the construction period down to each day. , persuaded all parties to agree to adopt the optimization plan, and successfully completed a series of preparatory work including basic preparation, bearing seat positioning and positioning on April 5. The conditions for the placement of all major parts were met, and the construction node tasks were completed ahead of schedule.

    In recent years, the Youth League Committee of Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company has always focused on opening up channels for young people to solve their problems and create opportunities to help young people grow rapidly. The Youth League Committee uses various activities as a carrier to guide young people to want to do things, encourage young people to do things, and help young people to accomplish things.

    In the view of the young commando team members, the "Operation Jingfeng Contribution" carried out by the Shanghai Economic and Information System has established an important platform for outstanding young people to be seen, valued and encouraged, and to form positive feedback. "Originally, for an important project like Rekindle, the priority would be to bring in experienced people, but now the priority is to train young people. Through the experience of such key projects, more young people will understand what high-quality development is, and Grow as quickly as possible by getting involved.”

    In 2023, the turbine generator of Unit #3 of the Lingang Reignition Project Test Power Station will be installed in place, laying the foundation for subsequent main body installation.

    "The sword must be sharpened on the stone, and the person must practice on the matter." How do young people grow up? Mainly depends on hard work. In the youth team, many technical personnel who can stand alone have been trained. Chen Hongliang, who has just been working in the company for three years, has no problem with everything from technology to communication through the training of the youth team; Xu Haonan, who has just been working in the company for two years, has already served as a safety director in other projects because of his outstanding performance.

    Focus on main responsibilities and contributions, unite and work hard to make new achievements.

    Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company attaches great importance to the growth of young employees and organizes demonstration and guidance to help young employees stand on the "center stage" faster and better. The company focuses on domestic and foreign clean thermal power projects, new energy projects, municipal construction and other important fields and important tasks related to economic and social development, focusing on urgent, difficult, dangerous, heavy and new projects, and extensively forming youth commandos to strengthen the task target process. Management, leading young members to participate in the main battlefield of high-quality development, each doing their best and displaying their strengths. In 2024, the company plans to form more than 40 youth commando teams at all levels, and will recommend the best to apply for group company-level, Shanghai municipal-level, and economic and information system-level youth commando teams.

    The young commando team of the core team of Lingang Xiangan Experimental Power Station is like a seed, growing vigorously and high-spirited on the fertile soil of "Operation Jingfeng Contribution".


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